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JWX Software has now joined the GGDA!

What's New

Bad Rain was released in late 2017. It is available for FREE on the iOS App Store and on Google Play.  simply click either of the links below to get it now!

For more info, see the GAMES tab on our website!

Welcome to our website!

We are looking for a few good players!

  • The newest thing here is our blog that we've just added.  There we'll be talking about the game that we are working on and other cool things we come across.  You can see the blog by clicking the 'Blog' tab on this website.

Check out our first game 'Bad Rain' out now on Google Play and the iOS App Store!

Let us know what you think!  We'd love to hear from you!   Email us at RobertJWXsoftware@Outlook.com

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  • For all the game developers out there, we will be adding a section to our website showing some of our favorite game development videos.  There are tons of game dev  videos on youtube but, unfortunately, most aren't that great.  We've picked some that are great and you'll be able to see the best ones in our 'Game Dev' section of this website.  The first two pages are now under our 'About Us' tab!!!  More coming soon! 

Announcements and other info about recently added content will be found here on the homepage!

Be one of the first to play our new game!

What are we doing?

JWX Software has now joined the Georgia Game Developers Association (GGDA)!  We look forward to getting to know everyone there and becoming an active participant! 

JWX Software


We are currently hard at work on our new game.  We have a working version that is looking great and is fun to play!  We still have a ton to do, but mainly we are just making adjustments, cleaning it up, and working out the details of several aspects of the game.  The first screenshots can now be seen in our new 'Blog' section.  We'll be adding updates there often so be sure to check there for the latest.

(We haven't come up with an official title for the game yet, but we expect to have that soon too!)

Email us at RobertJWXsoftware@Outlook.com and let us know what you think of the website, the blog, the game, etc...  We'd love to hear from you.   Thanks to all of you who emailed us so far!   Thanks for your great feedback!

What's New

If you live in the Midland, Georgia area or the Columbus, Georgia area YOU could be one of the first people to play our new game.   Email us at RobertJWXsoftware@Outlook.com for more info.