Help Dumdor Flangburp!

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Help Dumdor Flangburp!

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Help Dumdor Flangburp!

Thank you for your interest in BAD RAIN.   If you find any issues or if you have any comments, suggestions, or thoughts about the game please email us at  We'd love to hear what you think of it.   Can you beat the Super-Hard levels?    Can you defeat all the enemies?    Can you give us a 5-star review?     Enjoy BAD RAIN today!!!

  We hope you enjoy BAD RAIN!

A Super-small Indie Game Studio

Here is the official 'BAD RAIN' trailer video!

Meet Dumdor Flangburp, a guy with one of the worst names in history, who dreams of making his mamma proud by winning the upcoming Intergalactic Bad Rain
Championship (I.B.R.C.).  He's been picked on and bullied his whole life and now he needs your help.  Teach Dumdor how to dodge the toxic rain on over
29 training planets that, curiously, often look like places on earth.  

It won't be easy.  The training starts out hard and quickly gets harder.  This isn't your normal rain.  It is so acidic that one tiny drop on Dumdor's
delicate rosy skin will cause an instant reaction that, frankly, isn't very pretty.

The Intergalactic Bad Rain Championship is coming soon!  Can you help Dumdor?  Can he win the I.B.R.C.?  Can he make his mamma proud?
Let the training begin!

Thank you for your support!

Help Dumdor Flangburp!

Help Dumdor Flangburp!

BAD RAIN is now out on iOS and Android!

JWX Software

  We worked very hard to make this game!