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JWX Software

We are a super-small team located in Columbus, GA, USA.   Our first game 'BAD RAIN' is now out for iOS and Android!   Our second game 'LASER SPLAT' is being worked on right now and will be released later this year (2019) for iOS and Android devices!    Check our website for more details soon! 


Bad Rain is the kind of super-challenging game where, when you finally beat a level you really feel like you have really accomplished something...and every level is beatable.  It may take multiple tries and it may take you having a few 'ah hah' moments along the way, but with enough practice, levels that once seemed impossible will become surprisingly easy for you.  It is beatable.  Check out the proof in our 'Bad Rain Tips' section of this website.   The real challenge and fun in Bad Rain comes in trying to get the highest score you can on each level...especially the harder levels.   On the easier levels it is a question of endurance.  On the harder levels it is a question of skill.  This isn't Candy Crush Saga!

How BAD RAIN Started

Our first video game was going to be a puzzle game and we were about 80% complete on that when I challenged a programmer here to come up with some simple games with simple controls that were also fun to play.  He came up with about ten game prototypes and we found ourselves playing the Bad Rain prototype more and more....when we should have been working, eating, or sleeping.  It was clear that Bad Rain was more fun than our puzzle game, so we immediately decided to scrap the puzzle game and focus entirely on Bad Rain.  The rest is history.  We hope to release the puzzle game in the future because it wasn't bad, but we think Bad Rain rocks!  - Robert Williams (Lead Designer at JWX Software)

You can download BAD RAIN to your Android phone or tablet by clicking this link:


You can download BAD RAIN to your iPhone or iPad by clicking this link:


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Laser Splat will be released soon!

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Here we are making the Laser Splat trailer video...

LASER SPLAT is coming to Google Play and the iOS App Store!

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Join the fun! "BAD RAIN" is on Google Play!

Join the fun!


"BAD RAIN" is on the iOS App Store!!

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