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We've searched through thousands of articles and Youtube videos and found these particularly educational, interesting, and/or thought provoking.   Each week or two we'll post one interesting article and one interesting video.  We hope that these will help other developers in their journey to develop their video game.  Videos and articles here will tend to focus on Casual and free-to-play games, but we will occassional have videos that discuss 3D and AAA games.

Tip:  For Youtube videos, I found it helpful to convert the video to mp3 and listen to them in my car while traveling or at home on an mp3 player.  There are websites that will do this conversion.  Rarely would the video be necessary to understand the message being presented, however, when this happened, I would simply make a note to actually watch that Youtube video and not just listen to it.   

For the articles, sometimes the comments are quite interesting too!

The views expressed in these articles and Youtube videos may not necessarily reflect the views of JWX Software.   (Note:  Some Youtube videos, although educational, may contain occasional language that is not appropriate for children.  We'll try to mark those with an 'parental advisory' sticker.) 

More Articles and Youtube videos coming every week!   Be sure to check back!

Must Read Book...
The Art of Game Design:  A Book of Lenses by Jesse Schell

The Deck of Lenses free app for Android has all the cards!  Try it for Android here:

Art Of Game Design: Lenses

Interesting Game Creation Series

Below are links to some fun and interesting game development documentaries.   Check these out!

Be sure to watch them in the correct order!     Enjoy!

Double Fine Adventure!    (20 Episodes with all the bonus videos!)

Devs Play (Season 1)      (25 videos!)

Devs Play (Season 2)     (All 10 Episodes!)

Amnesia Fortnight 2012 Documentary Series     (11 videos!)

Amnesia Fortnight 2012 Pitches

Amnesia Fortnight 2014 Documentary Series      (15 videos!)

Amnesia Fortnight 2014 Pitches

Amnesia Fortnight 2017          (12 videos....so far!!!)

Animation Style and Process for Broken Age

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