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Help Dumdor Flangburp!

Help Dumdor Flangburp!

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Help Dumdor Flangburp!

Can a blind person see?

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This is a cool experiment you can do for less than $2.    I ordered 2 pairs of glasses on ebay and was able to duplicate this cool polarized filter effect.   The glasses were about 80 cents each.  Simply search for '3D polarized glasses' and sort by "Price & Shipping:  Lowest First" and you'll see where you can get them from Malasia, Hong Kong, and Singapore.  It will take some time for them to arrive, so be patient.   (Consider ordering 2 pairs from one seller and 2 pairs from another seller so that you increase your odds of getting good quality polarization.) When they arrive, pop the lenses out and donate the frames to your local drama department or Goodwill.

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Another Science Mystery

A Science Mystery