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JWX Software
Columbus, Georgia, USA

Release date:
Google Play - 11/9/17

iOS App Store - 11/20/17




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Google Play - Free

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Help Dumdor Flangburp!

Dumdor Flangburp

"It's like dodging fireworks!"
- Joseph T. Gonzalez

"5-Star Fun! I love it!"
- Todd B. Warren

"Surprisingly fun and addictive"
- Karen H. Thompson

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Help Dumdor Flangburp!

Help Dumdor Flangburp!

A Super-small Indie Game Studio

JWX Software


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Meet Dumdor Flangburp, a guy with one of the worst names in history, who dreams of making his mamma proud by winning the upcoming Intergalactic Bad Rain Championship (I.B.R.C.).  He's been picked on and bullied his whole life and now he needs your help.  Teach Dumdor how to dodge the toxic rain on over
29 training planets that, curiously, often look like places on earth.  

It won't be easy.  The training starts out hard and quickly gets harder.  This isn't your normal rain.  It is so acidic that one tiny drop on Dumdor's
delicate rosy skin will cause an instant reaction that, frankly, isn't very pretty, but if Dumdor can survive for 60 seconds, he can make it to the next training planet where he'll face new enemies and an even worse storm of rain!

The Intergalactic Bad Rain Championship is coming soon!  Can you help Dumdor?  Can he win the I.B.R.C.?  Can he make his mamma proud?
Let the training begin!

Help Dumdor Flangburp!


"Our first game was going to be a puzzle game and we were about 80% complete on that when I challenged a programmer here to come up with some simple games with simple controls that were also fun to play.  He came up with about ten game prototypes and we found ourselves playing the Bad Rain prototype more and more....when we should have been working, eating, or sleeping.  It was clear that Bad Rain was more fun than our puzzle game, so we immediately decided to scrap the puzzle game and focus entirely on Bad Rain.  The rest is history.  We hope to release the puzzle game in the future because it wasn't bad, but we think Bad Rain rocks! "

 - Robert Williams

Lead Designer




  • Over 30 killer enemies for you to master!
  • Tons of levels for you to unlock! (Once unlocked, each level is always available for re-play.)
  • Over 30 Leaderboards for you to dominate!
  • Over 100 Achievements for you to attempt to earn!
  • Particle effects you can feel!
  • Easy Controls
  • Addiction
  • Fun!