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Help Alex and over 50 of his strangest friends survive the Laser Splat 'Zones of Death'.  Each zone is guarded by patrolling Class 8 lasers, by far the most powerful laser known to man.  Don't be fooled by their pretty colors, Class 8 lasers are deadly!  

To survive you'll need lightning-quick reflexes, excellent timing, and nerves of steel.  You can pick up Orbs, Gems, and Stars to use in the Laser Splat Shop, but when you are dealing with Class 8 lasers you should probably just focus on staying alive!   Play Laser Splat and see if you have what it takes to defeat a Class 8 laser security system!

  • Class 8 Lasers in all their colorful (but deadly) beauty!
  • Free Orbs, Gems, and Stars!
  • Over 50 playable characters!
  • Tons of Achievements!
  • Leaderboards - how high can you rank?
  • Quick gameplay!
  • Easy Controls
  • Addiction
  • Fun!

Subject to change


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